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Welcome to the EU Knowledge Graph!

This graph contains structured information about the European Union.

In particular, it contains information about:

  • institutions of the European Union (like the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union)
  • countries in the world and in particular countries in the European Union (like Hungary and Italy)
  • capitals of European Countries (like Athens and Tallinn)
  • DGs from the European Commission (like DG CNECT and DG REGIO)
  • 1 548 122 projects financed by the European Commission under the Kohesio project (like [1] and [2])
  • 482 633 beneficiaries of European projects, of which 10% could be linked back to Wikidata so that the corresponding data is complementing the information from the Commission (like [3])
  • the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics of 2016 (NUTS 2016), i.e. subdivisions of countries used for statistical purposes by Eurostat (like the Provincia di Asti).
  • buildings ([4]), canteens ([5]), cafeterias ([6]) and parkings ([7]) of the European Commission
  • Linked Data solutions like ERA RCC([8]) or ArCo([9]). To add your Linked Data solution to the graph, request([10]) an account to the Publications Office of EU.

The query service can be accessed under

The question answering service can be accessed under

Exports of the data contained in the EU Knowledge Graph can be accessed under

New knowledge will be added continuously. If you are interested to collaborate, please contact us at